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If you searched this up then you're really bored. Sometimes you just want to practice your typing so you write "my name is" followed by your name in the search bar. Either way, your just super bored.

Please don't search this up. You might be high if you do.
Person 1: Hi, what's your name?
Person 2:My name is get the fuck out of my face.
by dsdfdsd October 1, 2019
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you are really bored and decided to spam letters. Lucky your keyboard didnt break. now get a life and do things that will prevent you from boredom and hopefully from searching this word
adwaldkwajdawdqpowdwfaelwifjikeralgjaieguaweof (thats how bored i am)
by dsdfdsd October 9, 2019
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An insult used at the most desperate moment when no other insult can be thought of. can be linked with the senses like "you *look* like a 2 year old"
Person 1: yo ur trash get a life

Person 3: *hesitates * well, u sound like a 2 year old!
by dsdfdsd October 21, 2019
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N; Someone who jumps into everyone's box
Fucking braindead controller player just jumped into my box smh
by dsdfdsd May 17, 2021
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An online dictionary where every word has to do with something sexual.

started in 1999 and was good up until 2003 when stupid teens on drugs decided to define their made up sex words.
Person 1: wanna read some urban dictionary definitions so we can get help on our english homework?
Person 2: bro we're gonna get in trouble all the definitions have something to do with sex
Stupid teenager that overheard conversation: LOL u mean Urban DICKtionary?
by dsdfdsd October 24, 2019
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Definition #1 A place where legends find their definitions when they need help with english.

Definition #2 When you're in class and you finished ur work but u have nothing to do so you look up words here

Person 1: hey dude, i need help with the english homework
Person 2: just look them up on Urban Dictionary

Person: What should we do we finished everything

Teacher: Look up penis on urban dictionary and leave me alone plz
by dsdfdsd October 21, 2019
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