4 definitions by autorin_person

the most awkward roblox user.
person1: hey, have yu ever seen Auty_y in a game?
person2: no, why?
person1: oh, good. theyre super weird and awkward
person2: oh- uh, noted
by autorin_person January 31, 2022
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so basically you did a really bad crime and now the police are after you, so you run to the nearest plce the police (probably) wouldnt suspect, your local Wendy's

how did the police catch you so fast? well, turns out your the dumbest criminal alive and left your id next to the crime scene. weird right?
bro, i ran to wendys at 1am yesterday to avoid the police
whatd you do?
we dont talk about it.
by autorin_person January 31, 2022
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someone on roblox who does really epic raids. this person also owns the most joined raiding group on roblox called "Raiding Division". there they host raids at specific times. afterwards, they post the raid on their youtube channel, "VintageRaider".
person 1 - what just happened?
person 2 - oh, there was a raid
person 1 - oh! why did it happen, and who hosted it?
person 2 - idk, maybe if--
person 1 - ...
person 2 - ...
by autorin_person January 31, 2022
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youre very bored at the moment. youve already tried every weird keyboard combo you can think of (Ex: qwertyuiop\, asdfghjkl;'), so youve decided to spam your keyboard
ive been so bored recently, that i just spammed rgfiowgfajwed into my search bar
by autorin_person January 31, 2022
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