The decade which saw corporate radio and major record labels finally kill rock and roll for good. The 1990's started with Vanilla Ice and ended with the *nSync Degree Boys. In the middle, Nirvana tried to save us, so they killed Kurt Cobain.
Thank you so much Clear Channel and Big Five Record Labels! Thanks to your unrelenting assault on artistry in the 1990's, we get treated to the same fifteen songs a day from eight "different" artists on twenty "different" radio stations played repeatedly!
by The Evil Steve September 07, 2005
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A decade ranging from January 1 1990 to December 31 1999.The greatest decade ever with internet, pizza, computers, wireless internet, cell phones, sony,playstation, Age of Empires and tons of other nerdy stuff.
In 1990's:
2.Pearl Jam
7.Scary Movie
8.Reality TV
by Taxman July 31, 2006
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A decade split into two halves

1990 - '94: Creativity and artistry in pop culture that the world has ever seen. This came along with unprecedented peace and prosperity througout the world stemming for 12 years of Reagan/Bush military force and America's role as Benevolent Dictator.

Womens brains were their most important organ.

Socially concious music such as Grunge and Gangsta Rap.
Years of the Cosby show,and the current Fresh Prince and Martin's popularity among White people, lead to the beginnings of a color blind society.

See Real World 1 vs. Current Real World.

95-'00: Windows 95, OJ's Not Guilty, Black people openly cheeering the death of two white people, Brittany and P Diddy, Effects of NAFTA being felt. Clinton disgracing the Pres. Office, Women only wanted to be seen as whores and who could "out brittany" each other. Substance died, style reigned, teen pregnancy, rap became a narcissistic celebration of how black guys have big dicks while white guys agreed, shaved their hairline and turned into the biggest bitches ever, in lock step with their idol, Wigga King Eminem.

Overal: A decade where at the beginning it looked like America had a chance to really take off but with OJ, the Million Man March, Brittany, Eminem, P Diddy and massive illegal immigration of hispanics started the march of America towards a third world self loathing nation.
Dude 1: "Dude, I like that girl, even though she doesnt put out"

Dude 2: "Why?"

Dude 1: "She's really cool to talk to"

Dude 2: "The fuck is this? The 1990s? Either she takes the cawk or toss her"

Dude 1: "You're right dude, what was I thinking? This ain't Clueless"
by 3stones June 26, 2011
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