Valiant is a kind soul who will always see the best in people. They are strong in their beliefs and will not move or bend for another person’s benefit easily. They are unique, confident, and aren’t hesitant to step up to a job when needed. Their sense of humor is odd, but that’s the part that makes it so hilarious. You can’t have a party without them, as people revolve around Valiant due to their natural confidence. They are open-minded and open to second chances.
“Hey, who’s that guy over there?”

Dude, it’s Valiant! Love that guy!”
by Faithfullyxox June 9, 2021
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A car range released in Australia, based on the Chrysler models, including the awsome Charger. Kicked ass over the V8s Holden and Ford put out
by Lynx Raven Raide December 13, 2004
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The Australian division of Chrysler back in the 60's and 70's when cars had soul. Tragically taken over by Mitsubishi in 1981 who proceeded to produce a seemingly endless range of Jap Crap.

Valiant was the third major car manufacturer in Australia alongside Holden and Ford. Traditionally considered wog chariots, Valiants nowdays enjoy cult status for their inimitable looks, character and legendary reliability.

Of particular note was the much-revered Hemi 265ci straight six motor which pumped out over 300 ponies and made their V8 Holden & Ford competitors seem prehistoric. The race-tuned version was planted in selected Pacer and Charger models which command a pretty penny on the muscle-car market today.

Hardcore Val drivers salute each other with the 2-fingered 'V'. However, mistakingly using this salute on a Torana driver and you will end up as another road-rage statistic.

If you own a Valiant you fuckin rock.
by triggaz November 20, 2007
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Australians Use this to describe a group of autistic people, They have groups up to 10-20. They can be very annoying some times but people get used to it. Sometimes they can be unsupervised and tend to steal and lewd on other people property. They use this tool called HBE to trick into thinking they are sensible and behave. It is mostly found out when used too much. They also tend to be toxic to one other and sometimes ends up being violent. Some valiants play ROBLOX to recruit members in there clan, they meet in real life, And rob and lewd them. They like to go in groups stealing and lewding, A few of these groups have names and leaders. One of the leaders, there name goes by as ValiantCurry. He leads most of the raiding for his group, And also perfects the HBE tatic. Another leader is ValiantSquire, He does most of the planning. There group seeks out places to rob, how far they are, what they have, and when does it close. Another leader is ValiantRat, he does the lewding and best ways to lewd. He has a asisstant, ValiantSender, who helps send out the lewders and also plans the lewding, where the most people are, how public is it, what route is the quickest way to escape, and what the age range is in the area. The Leader, Known as ValiantLeader, But the members call him essinse. He is the one that recruits members and hires leaders. Locals say this is some type of cult and call it: Cult Of Valiant.
Oh look! There is a Valiant Squad over there, They are roaming in gangs! I wonder if they are recruiting for Valiantism, or are they stealing, Best we get out.
by ChargeGoesOof August 27, 2019
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you're a fireboy with your watergirl and you're jumping at the same time.
"Jump with me like you're a valiant gazelle Danny." said by Phil Lester.
by adorablephreckles November 12, 2017
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The Valiant Charger is an Australian car that was born in 1971 with the vh. in a 2 door shape and a shorter wheel base than other valiants. the E49 model made in 1972 could do the quarter mile in 14.4 seconds making it the fastest accelerating Australian car made for many years, with 226kw coming from a 265ci straight 6 with triple twin throat weber carbs. its most famous wearing the "vitamin c" paint job. despite what some think the Charger was always faster than the GTHO falcon, which had a v8. the falcon was only the fastest australian 4 door. the Charger was the fastest.
Valiant Chargers are the best cars ever made.
by Danny Valiant June 6, 2006
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