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Dream someone has when falling asleep, but wakes up repeatedly due to how sickening the dream feels. Usually mundane, repeated imagery that leaves one feeling frustrated and feverish because it just won't change.
Donny played lots of Smash Bros last night, but keeps having a fever dream of the campaign over and over again. He kind of wishes he didn't play for eight hours straight because it won't get out of his head.
by chibisatan May 30, 2016
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very unpleasant dream (nightmare) occurring during REM sleep relating to FFCD that can be remembered upon awakening.
first fear cycle of development cause fever dreams
by le1 October 15, 2007
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delusional beliefs, or conspiracy theories; often involving factually incorrect information.
This information, taken out of context, feeds what has been a fever dream of anti-government conspiracy theorists for years.
by thebpp April 14, 2015
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An erotic sensational dream that takes you and your lack of sexual experience on a mystical journey of sluts, hoes , and if your gay bros and might end the feeling you get after destroy your dick December .
Julianhad fever dream after fucking a McChicken sandwich.
Danielahad a fever dream about polar bears spread legs.
Devyngave keeli a fever dream after she saw what he didd to her mom.
Alisa was in Finns fever dream after he saw dat ass in the hallway.
Konrad and parsa had and orgy then both had separate fever dreams about it.
Tylereven though is had a fever dream about his 6th grade math teachers dry pussy.
by Memegod3032 March 06, 2018
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An obviously rural attempt at an urban phenomenon. A gnar gnar rig. Something that would have looked normal in 1982, but not now.
"Did you see that fever dream Ford Nova with spinners?"
"Good God... The wife character in 'The Shining' looks like fuckin' fever dream!"
by Gongboy March 17, 2006
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Similar to the Mandela Effect, on a much smaller scale
Didn't there use to be a Churches Fried Chicken there?
Yes, yes there was we went there, maybe not...wait, idk.

Could have been a fever dream.
by seventyonedragonflies September 23, 2018
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