The 'stage name' of Craig Jones, keyboardist/sampler of the popular metal band Slipknot. The nickname "133" has been confirmed as the speed of the processor of Craig's first computer, which was high-tech at the time.
Craig Jones is better known to Slipknot fans as 133.
by Taylor-Moore October 2, 2006
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The forbidden naruto shippuden number, if you are about to watch naruto episode 133, please for the sake of the world not having another sewerslide, skip the episode
Jack: dude I’ll call you back I’m gonna watch Naruto shippuden: 133

Robby: oh crap i gotta stop him
by No user February 2, 2021
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you know…
I love you…❤️
You are a gift…
I am so blessed…
I will never…
Leave you…
You know I won’t…
I love everything…
About you…(everything)
I think you are lovely…
I can’t keep my eyes off of you
Amazing and…
I love you heart…

I’ll show you….
133… you’re all I want
I missed you…
by Wanderlust_721 September 9, 2023
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d00d, d0 y0|_| k|\|0\/\/ 133-|- 5p34|<?
by Saetern May 28, 2018
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If you met your girlfriend/boyfriend online then you are dating a one armed lady hooker named Steve.(Unless there is webcam involved, then his name is John.)
On interwebs
person 1: Hey baby looking for a good time?
person 2: Yea...wait rule 133
by Carlb0t January 12, 2010
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western new england college dorm room known to be haunted; students can feel a cold presence and constant chill in the room; believed to be caused by a former student hanging themself
"Oh man, have you been in Windham 133? It's so freaky."
by cheeseburger_xox February 25, 2012
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Contracting the virus for the 6th time, Very unlucky if I do say so myself.
Ricky: Oh, man. I have COVID-133.

Jason: Oh.
by dr3amglxw April 23, 2020
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