Naruto Shippuden Meaning "Naruto The Hurricane Chronicles" or somehting like that, is the sequel of Naruto, and has over 40 episodes already and the series may end on the 200's and if Shonen Jump or w.e the japense author guy is for naruto has alot of money he may make a sequel of a sequel which will be a trilogy of a series

Story - Naruto comes back to his ninja town of leaf people 2 years later, he trains blah blah he goes on a mission to find gaara because some evil people called akatsuki(pronounced Aka Tsuki the t is silent)want to catch the Monsters inside peoples body or has no host and his running freely, and sakura kills some puppet guy named Sasori and blah some other shit happens and the leader shows him self his name is Pein or Pain or blah blah blah His Whore Konan is hot, and the guy who tells Pein or pain what to do is Tobi, tobi is no good boy anymore and Jiraya dies which must upset many people and Sasuke is fighting Itachi, but Itachi is like halfish blindish now, and thats it for now...
Naruto shippuden is kinda cool a 3 out of 5 series never mind 3.5 :D
by Narutoismeh February 24, 2008
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An anime about a gay ninja trying to find his missing boyfriend.
Friend 1:OMG! The new episode of Naruto Shippuden was awesome!
Friend 2: I hope Naruto and Sasuke can be happy in the end.
by Namahagetecno July 11, 2008
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the sequil to naruto

the story:Naruto is a gay ninja trying to find his boyfriend lol jk naruto is back after 3 years training with jiraiya so he fafs around yada yada yada nibit nibit nibit nip a few jokes he meets his friends after 3 years there all advanced levels and stronger,look different too so gaara, in the new king, hes a leader althought hes only 16 he is captured by a criminal organization called the akatsuki(pronounced akatski or okotski by americans) so his bro and sis try to by they have trouble understanding his bro cuz his whole purpose in the series in protecting gaara so all he says in gaara!he wears a cat suit in the desert(what a nutcase) anyway an old lady and some girl manage to deafet one of the most feared criminals in gaara,s country naruto and friends try to find sasuke unfourtunalty they bump into his brother who is a criminal(he,s actualy good but tahts not covered yet) anyway he traps naruto in an illlousion wich he eventually escapes sasuke,s bro lanches a fire attack while some other dude,s fight another criminal who they forgot who he is but its stupid cuz how many blue skinned blue spikey haired guys wearing a dark cloake are in the world any way yada yada yada he nearly kill,s em' but the team leader falcon punch,s him so he escapes thought and naruto launches his new jutsu called odoma rasengan wich is great ball rasengan in english so he escapes too and naruto fights deidara, gaara dies for naruto cries old woman gives her life for gaara befor he dies for sure . naruto leaves gaara,s village back too his home they find there friend sasuke also meeting a new friend called sai sasuke try,s to kill naruto twice but fails both time due to interuption's the goodies have a fight with the newly grown sasuke(pronounced sauce-kay) wich is just him beatin' them up. he leaves, abandone,s his master wich he then "absorbs" he form,s a team of four called team snake who help him find his brother itachi for revenge one of them always flirts with sasuke, he hates it .meanwhile sai pisses off naruto upgrades his justu rasengan he makes a new one calls Fuuton:rasengan two dudes apear who fight this lady, the fight skips yada yada yda they kill a dude called asuma:shikamaru,s master he kill,s that dude for revenge naruto uses his jutsu: fuuton:rasenshuriken it misses first time second time it sucseeds but it uses so much of his energy he was ingured the presedent told him not to use it again but the teqnuiqe was only half of what it could be. sasuke fights deidara, finds his brotha;itachi they fight show off there moves sasuke uses his attack called kirin it creats a nuke-sized(or mabye even bigger) explosion his bro catches hin in a tsukomi he transforns to curse seal level 2 summons the power oforochimaru, who then dies, his bro dies he thinks he has revenge, tobi tell,s him the truth about his brother jiraiya fights pain of pein goes into sage mode , shows thats he can be serious and cool,dies in battle,meanwhile sasuke is told the truth about his brother that tobi is madara and was told that when itachi was young they were 2 strongest clans,senju and uchiha they had a war until madara founght the 1st hokage madara was thought to be dead there for the leader of the sneju clan was the 1st hokage other village,s started mimicing the i leader per country yada yada yada the uchiha was discriminated so they got pissed and was planning to destroy the village itachi was a double agent providing information for the village. he was told to kill his clan but he didn,t kill sasuke out of love for his brother at first sasuke didn't belive but then he did,he now joined the akatsuki. he wants revenge on some three elders and changes the name of his team from snake to hawk , he fights is an idiot who acts like mr T he defeat,s him but what he deafeted was a clone. sasuke gains all of itachi's mangekyou sharingan teqnuque,s yada yda yda deafets a clone of the mr t guy,raikage demands a meeting with all the kage,s,naruto finds out about jiraiya,s death turns emo,turns normal again AND WOW NARUTO DOESN'T LOOK GOOFY ANYMORE!?!?!?!?!?!!?!@?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!he looks like leo from tekken 6 the ungoofified naruto trains goes into hermit mode looks even less gooofier finds him natural energy focuses his and chi yada dayda ydada gains above super human strenghth goes imto sage modelooks even less goofier gets a new jutsu wich is probly an enchanced version of fuuton:rasenshuriken that doesn't injure him. sasuke seems to be loosin his sight.thats all for now chumps'
Naruto shippuden is boring at first, gets better as it goes along start,s making scence and being realistic,turns into an epic story,i might have missed something out of that but damn the story is long but makes you want to go on. characters get less goofy and i cant belive naruto,s new desingn in sage mode.
by Dudeicle November 12, 2008
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