typically used in a sentence when an parent or teacher is around and is just a replacement for suicide
person:i thought he kirmited sewerslide.

other person: no he died from a heart attack.
by Sinning boi June 17, 2020
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suicide but sewerslide.
I saw kermit sewersliding last night. It was very sad. now i have to write sewerslide again just so it lets me submit this
by ThisIsMySchoolAccountL@L! December 05, 2018
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"hey babe! I'm sorry for giving you the old sewerslide last night," said dan to louise.
by graceellen03 February 01, 2018
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Tell your boi to go Kermit sewerslide and they'll jump out of a window
one peaceful day on Roblox

Rich Spoiled Kid: Lol U Gay
Bacon Head: Go Kermit Sewerslide
by HeysStuff October 09, 2018
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