When the best person in the world was born 🥰
Candice: what day is it
Jones: June 4
Candice: that’s when the best person ever was born
by Me12213443566578879009 October 23, 2019
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The day that the baddest most funniest of bitches was born. She’s funny and sweet she has the heart of gold and did I mention she’s funny?! Shes hella wife material and cares too much about people that don’t deserve her. She’s also really lonely and loves dogs. You should hit her up sometime. Did I mention she’s funny?
Damn bro, Kortney was born on June 4th, you know... she’s fucking hilarious and a bad bitch 😄
by Kortney rules November 11, 2019
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National kiss someone on the forehead and hug them tight throughout the day
Hey it’s June 4

Lemme just Walk up to someone and give them a kiss on the forehead and hug them throughout the day
Has to be one person anyone you want
by Djjfngbfjdjs June 3, 2021
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The person you never thought you needed was born always there to help you ❤️
Ellie: I want to thank you for everything 💙Tammy: why ?

Ellie: because it’s June 4 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🥳 ❤️
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An absolute dumbass of a person. Usually pretty funny but also a complete and utter idiot. Some of the best people to be around but beware of unlucky times. Also beautiful as fuck
Aw man, he’s born on the 4th of June? Here we go..

Hey you mind if I bring a friend over? He’s born on June 4 so this should be fun.
by ThatOneDude26198 October 15, 2019
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P1: What happened on June 4 1989?
P2: Nothing
by zaccyiguess May 20, 2022
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June 4 is the day the most hottest and loyal people are born they love u for everything and u can trust them with anything u tell them
Friend: yk ur so hot right
You: yeah ik I was born on June 4
by Theyador3gabriella July 27, 2021
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