(VERB.) When a person gets stuck behind a draw bridge. This usually occurs while driving a car but can also occur while walking, bike riding or using other means of ground transportation. This is a common occurance for individuals that live near coastal areas. I.e. south Florida. When a person is bridged, it typically causes on average a 10-20 minute delay in reaching one's destination.
Just my luck, I was bridged today on the way to the post office and got there 2 minutes after closing. Now I have to wait until tomorrow to mail my package. Getting bridged sucks!
by paulsack February 4, 2011
You have been bridged Tommy, everyone is laughing at you.
by Stricker Button December 4, 2013
A wrestling move where 2 guys (usually naked) get in a move where one male is on his back and the other is on top of him on his back. He then curls into a bridge and bends his head all the way back and takes the other males penis into his mouth.
Joe wrestled Mickey in Kevins basement. Joe bridged Mickey and Kevin jumped around going fucking nuts yelling that Joe bridged Mickey. After they talked about their boners.
by Jjilas July 20, 2018
An eloquent dream symbol, its crossing an achievement that long felt impossible. "Last night, I dreamed I walked across the bridge", she told him, "all by myself, all the way to the other side of the river."
"I dreamed I walked across the bridge."
by Monkey's Dad January 15, 2023
A prison term for when a non-circumcised inmate takes his penis’ foreskin and extends it over the tip of another inmate’s circumcised penis.
Warden in shock: "What are you two doing?"
Inmate #1: Bridging, Warden.
Inmate #2: Yeah, bridging.
by Jebus78 October 5, 2009
The place in Rockville Centre go to drink. It's mainly for the teens who go to South Side High School or the Chiminade boys. A lot of drinking beer, and having sex. In the bushes...
Group chat: LAX boys

Chad: YO bro! the bridge tonight?

Brad: Yo I'm down
Jack: bro julianna is coming im plowing that
Patrick: LMAOOOO
by longisland SHADE August 8, 2019