a suffix used to guesstimate and number or time. when referring to time "-ish" means within plus or minus 15 minutes. When referring to a number "-ish" means within 5.
Guy1: What time is the party?
Guy2: 7:30-ish
Guy1: How many people are going?
Guy2: Idk 30-ish, I think.
by Atticus.Finch September 13, 2009
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word meaning kind of, sort of, or a little bit. can be tacked on to an existing word or used by itself.
1 ex: "that color is blue-ish"
2 ex: -"are you hungry?"
by Kennedi Greene August 22, 2007
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used in a sentence to replace the word 'shit'
'this is my ish'
also known as the stupidest word that makes no sense.
sina is a piece of ish. and i hate her. not kidding
by casandragon October 11, 2012
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Ish! I don't think I needed to know that Jesse Ventura wants to be reincarnated as 38 DD bra.
by peaches406 March 16, 2004
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Somewhat but not entirely like whatever was just mentioned.
"I'll see you around 6. 6ish."

"We could go to Taco Bell for dinner-ish food."

by DrMel December 21, 2008
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A beautiful model has perfect body,doesnt have a lot of friends but has one ONE VERY important friend who means a lot to her she is very beautiful slim girl.everybody is jealous of her .she loves animals.and is perfect in all ways but she gets depressed very easily and get very anxious for everything and her family...
β€œShes such an ish”she so pretty and amazing wow!
by Quarantine tingz June 04, 2020
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the best of the best... the top grade of anything
"Dude thats the ish"


"That ish is dope man"

"Jesse you are the ish"
by Charlaz for Carlaz April 09, 2010
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