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Rooted in the suffix "ish" as in "kind of".

The stage of a relationship before dating, but slightly more than friendship, particularly when this stage lasts a long time.
Everyone knows they like each other and they hang out all the time, but they won't actually "date"- they've been ishing for months!
by isherman March 04, 2009
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a type of kiss. Open mouthed, but no tongue. From the root word, ish, meaning kind of.Kind of making out.
Person1:hey were you and ben just making out??
Person2: nah, we were just ishing
by Felicia August 12, 2004
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Ishing is a verb describing a person who is turnt up to the highest degree and living it up by being Enthusiastic!
Example 1: Person 1: Yo Bro you be ISHing it up tonight.. I've never seen you like this!

ISH: Bro I'm just being ISH tonight nah what I'm saying...

Example 2: Bro you feel like IShing it up tonight
by MUCHENTACHEN August 21, 2013
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