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The situation in which multiple erections are had in rapid fashion.In other words:getting horny then getting horny again soon after the first boner wears off,usually from the same female.
God,Andrea looked hot as hell in that miniskirt,I had a re-erection all day,i just wanted to tear her up!
by Davion Williams October 25, 2008
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The ressurection of the erection.
John: Dude, I just saw pictures of Barbara Streisand and totally lost my boner. Then I looked up pictures of Cheryl Cole just to get it up again!
Dave: Yeah, I've had that. That's called a reerection!
by WoodyWoodWood October 16, 2010
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the termed used when you are horny and thinking about jesus's resurrection and you say erection with re
jack hey bro what's that word when jesus became back alive..... uhhhh RE ERECTION
by thrust'n'bust February 22, 2017
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