classic movie from the 1930s starring Judy Garland as Dorothy, rubber-legged Ray Bolger as the Scarecrow, radio star Jack Haley as the horny Tin Man and Bert Lahr as the flamboyant Lion. Loved by gays and by stoners.
Hey, where's that pot and my copy of "Dark Side of the Moon"? Maybe I could sync that up to Wizard of Oz and get high...
by dj mbm July 11, 2008
A great series of book but most remembered as the 1939 film. Its one of the most cherish movies. Back in the 40s, grown ups would watch the movie just to get their minds of the war.
The Wizard of Oz has music, color and no color, munshkins, Good Witch, bad witch, and s crazy characters, A scarecrow with no brains, A Tin Man with no heart, and a Lion with no courage. A Wizard who can grant their wishes if a task is complete, and a rememberable line "There's no place like home". Cause home kicks ass.
by Alan Massacre April 14, 2008
A movie that, apparently, is about Populism. Because US History teachers have to ruin all goodness in the world and take an innocent children's movie/book and make it political.
Teacher: "The Wizard of Oz represents Populism. And Dorothy actually represents Mary Lease, a populist leader at the time. And Toto represents the Prohibition. And-"
Students: "SHUT UP!"
by shanabanana922 January 23, 2009
a nutcase who rules a magical land from behind a curtain, despite being only 1.9 foot tall. often seen fighting with Toto. well known for being a roght miserable git. and also owner of a hot air balloon.
Wizard: "Toto give me back that sausage!"
Toto: *runs off with sausage*
Wizard: "you little bastard!!"
by failure33object April 18, 2005
A movie made to make fun of the political leaders of the time.
In the Wizard of Oz:
The scarecrow didn't have a brain
The tin man didn't have a heart
The lion didn't have any courage
The wizard was a phony
by tye-die April 12, 2006
When a girl gives 2 handjobs and a blowjob to 3 different guys, while having sex with a fourth guy, and having anal sex with a fifth guy
Dude last night Andy, Jim, James, Brian, and I performed a Wizard of OZ with Amy
by Kpahx October 28, 2010