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a word making no since made up by some 13-11 year old kid!
according to them they say it's metal music played in the "MALL" calling it mallcore. It makes no sence and it's just some ol bullshit to pass around other generations of kids, making them look like retards.
by Alan Massacre April 16, 2009
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music with an orignal rock sound that people considered Metal. It can be hard rock and heavy but in some oppinions, they don't fit as metal.

Non Metal
Led Zeppelin (some of there work are metal, but there mostly a hard rock band)
KISS (70's) in the 80's they were just glam metal
Late 60's bands like Iron Butterfly, Cream, Stepponwolf (though they did help create metal but I still don't consider them metal)
Guns n Roses (after the Appetite for Destruction Album)
Limp Bizkit (terrible example of nu metal as well)
Kid Rock (actually, he's mostly anything, rock, rap, country)
Alice Cooper (70's)

Nu Metal on the other hand, I'm not gonna abuse it saying sucks "JUST BECAUSE IT'S NOT METAl" I'm not ignorant so I don't think it sucks, It is metal BUT, it is very very different, yes it's the opposite of what metal is but, back in the late 60's rock n roll was opposite to what rock n roll sounded like in the 50's and people loved it. Things can't always sound the same, they change and I (don't mean to brag) as a fair person am welling to except that. Go ahead, call me not metal, but I know Priest more than you do.
by Alan Massacre April 14, 2009
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Well it all started when Anthrax teamed with Public Enemy with there song Bring the Noize in my opinion started the nu metal genre. Its a combination of rap and metal, probably not a very good idea from what I read. It may not be real metal, but it's better than regular rap, with guitars. Not a fan of it, but a few bands I don't have a problem with, Slipknot, Disturded, System of a down, Kittie. They may not be metal in you opinion, but there are talented.
Korn (My Least Favorite)
Limp Bizkit (My Least Favorite)
Race Against the Machine
Don't even say Linkin Part is nu metal, don't even call em tru metal.
by Alan Massacre April 14, 2008
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A genre of rock bands that are different from being metal or being just an ordinary rock group. Another word for it would be alt rock.
Breaking Benjamin
Authority Zero
Linkin Park (maybe)
Stone Temple Pilot
Three Day Grace
Foo Fighters
Our Lady Peace
by Alan Massacre April 17, 2009
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Re defining a word you wrote a defenition of. I don't know anywhere you can edit your defenition, I'm a beginner, so this is something for beginners until they figure it out.
Because I didn't like how in my nu metal def that I put in Limp Bizkit as an example of nu metal, so I'll write a re-defenition/or red-define about it.
by Alan Massacre April 14, 2009
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You got the balls to do anything. You say "Fuck you" To death's face. You can sarcasticly scared "ooh I'm really fucking scared".
That dudes got bravery from both a lion and a bull.
by Alan Massacre April 16, 2008
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Heavy Metal is a great Genre. It all started in the 60s where The Kinks "You really got me" showed a perfect example of a metal riff, And steppenwolf said the perfect name for the genre in the lyrics "Heavy Metal Thunder" in the song Born to be wild (though the word thunder never made it)It was created by the legendary greats Black Sabbath in 1970. When Tony lost his fingers tips he thought he would never play again but when you replace them with plastic covers he made monster riffs never imagined to be loved forever. Heavy Metal is characterize with Rock n Roll, BluesRock, Hard Rock, and Psychedelic rock. BANds like Judas Priest, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Dream Theater are really perfect examples of true heavy metal.
In the late 70s, Metal was losing populartiy cause of such "music" such as Punk which ran in the UK, and Disco, whci ran in the US. Punk was just banging motes and making all these noices, disco would just piss you off but it died out easily (waiting for hip hop to do the same). But in 1980, Metal was brought back to live and it's rescuer's were none other than 5 men with one name, Judas Priest.
Heavy Metal
Judas Priest
AC/DC (Mostly rock)
Led Zeppelin
Alice Cooper
Iron Maiden
Arch Enemy
by Alan Massacre April 14, 2008
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