Something the average person in the United States doesn't know anything about!
Person 1: Who's the first president of the United States?
Person 2: I don't know anything about US History!
by TheNerd! November 2, 2013
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A class that's really not as hard as it seems, that is, after you've been raped by the villain and left impregnated. A child shall be born unto you and its name shall be success. After that, it's all about reading and listening. You could, however, get an abortion (i.e. fail) but this is just as mentally, physically, and emotionally scarring as pushing through to give your baby a good life, a better life, so just keep that baby. You'll cry at night, cry in the morning, and cry tears of joy when that baby is a fully grown 5 on the exam.

Ask questions about shit that ISN'T ALREADY EXPLAINED IN THE BOOK (that includes YOU Fucknuts) and study all the time!
Rookie: "I'm in AP US History. It's SOOOO Hard! Can you help me study?"
Veteran: "Fuck no."
by HatOfPolymers October 30, 2012
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A course designed to cause brain implosion/explosion immediately before finals and AP test. Topics covered include everything from 1500 to today. Students sit and listen to lectures during class daydreaming about how death must be much better than AP US History. Students are expected to fail tests and teachers will give no curves. Scoring below 50% on an all multiple-choice test is common. Three-hundred or more vocabulary words are required every week or so - and if you split the work with other students, the teacher turns psychobitch about it. Busy work is common and students spend 3-4 hours per night on it, provided they want to pass the class. The average student continues the work for about 9-18 weeks then decides he/she doesn't give a damn anymore.
On May 19, 1775, Ben Franklin was wearing what color shirt?

"Today we are gathered here to remember a beloved student, whose suicide was caused by stress in AP US History..."

"We will have a test every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, a project every week, and 2-3 DBQs and essays per week."
by HacZ Emm May 9, 2008
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Person A: What happened to Christy
Person B: Oh she took AP US History this year.
Person A: Oh. So when's the funeral
by Sexymustache May 3, 2015
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-A class that you only take solely to boost your GPA, although many people's GPAs decrease substantially
-A class to prepare you for the AP exam that probably 35% of the student population passes in the United States depending on the teacher you have.
-Students copy tidbit information off AP notes without actually retaining any substance because it's boring and putting it eloquently,sucks balls.
Bacon's Rebellion is so enthralling theres a chance that I could potentially joygasm

When in AP Us History I learn information that I am going to use in the real world and the rest of my life.
by Jackie Jackie January 29, 2008
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A fun class if you're decently intelligent and you enjoy history. Otherwise it's hell on Earth. Most teachers are like the 1850s slave-drivers you'll read about and make you take several HARD tests every week. It's typical for about a quarter of the class to fail these even though they bum-studied for 10 hours the night before.
Haha suckas, I got a 94 in AP US History and a 5 on the exam. I was also the first person at our school in 6 years to get a 100% on a test. That's how BS the tests are.

Bob: "Hey Ron, how'd you do on the History test?"

Ron: "I got a 78! Whoo!"

Bob: "Nice man!" *high fives*

Bob and Ron aren't your average scene-kid slackers who don't give a shit, they're diligent AP students. No exaggeration there! I got a 78 once and was completely euphoric.
by Randwulf July 19, 2009
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