August 25 is the day that a bad ass bitch was born and your zodiac is a Virgo aka the best Earth Sign. Being born on this day means your a caring, loving person who will do whatever is necessary for your friends but will cut any bitch
“Omg you’re born on August 25”
You: “Yeah, is that a problem for you?”
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People born on August 25 usually have huge dicks and are exceptionally good and making love. They are also very kind and caring and if dared would do anything
Tim was born in August 25, he must have a big one.
by Keims March 19, 2020
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Guy 1: What're you gonna on August 25th?
Guy 2: Probably gonna watch some Youtubers kick the crap out of each other
by Maladicus August 3, 2018
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National Axolotl Day
axolotls are cute give them some love
"why'd you change your profile pic to an axolotl?"
"it's August 25 bro."
by white boy uwu October 16, 2019
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One of the best days of your life. It was a big thing for you! BUT be careful it could be ruined by one person. All your friends may know what you gonna do on that day and they can't wait to call you the next day and ask you how the "day" was. Although if you aren't careful it could turn into the worst day ever. So love with all your heart!
Friend: "Yo! Did you do August 25th??"
You: "Yeah!!! It was FIRE!"
by RaiseYourVoice25 May 25, 2019
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A day where karm can kick back and be as gay as she wants
Hoad: whoa is it August 25
Hoad: better let karm know
by Pussyboy October 18, 2019
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If you are born on August 25th you are the BADDEST BLEEP ever and u r the funnest person to be around u r a party animal and who ever says ur not a bad bleep is lying u r the party of ur friend group
August 25 is the best
by Xxxxxxbutterflies February 14, 2021
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