asdfghjkl; backwards. For when you're a loser with nothin to do.
Gosh im so lifeless! i'll type ;lkjhgfdsa cuz asdfghjkl; is boring me!
by oh geez its a milkshake June 13, 2010
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lkjhgfdsa I'm friggin bored! lkjhgfdsa
by orangefreek January 30, 2008
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it's when you're so sad that you say....
i'm so lkjhgfdsa :(
by qscguk February 9, 2018
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did a cat step on your key bord or are you that dum
bank; jaresamocadodal
by god man gabriel October 16, 2020
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A word commonly used, just slide your finger from key "A" to key ";" and back to key "A".
by Katie Byrd November 8, 2017
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