an alternate emote for :(, meant to express the same sad emotion but more intensely. Often used in conjuction with :(.

by aarun June 10, 2006
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A sheepish frown. Used when you're embarrassed and sad.
Gares: Wow you really fucked that up.
KeviN: :<
by TechKnow July 30, 2004
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An emoticon that resembles a frown, but much cuter than the common “:(”
Often used in the furry community.
Person 1: Stop being a furry.
Person 2: :<
by Biskit22 February 16, 2022
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:<" is a face used to express sadness, but in more of a cute way then ":("
Person 1: I wanna kill someone.

Person 2: Don't do it! :<
by Juno is here, Icy >:) September 8, 2019
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A more cute emoticon of the sad emoticon :( . Seen in anime & manga.
User1: Wow you fucked up real bad
User2: :<
by CaikTsu March 15, 2021
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When your not sad but you want to appear sad. This is sad :( if you use :< Who are you?
Friend:My favorite dog died...
Your brain: I hated that dog but friend is sad.
You: :<
by Imablanket May 20, 2021
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An emoticon used to express contemplation. Noted for its similarity to a chinese beard like one Confucius would of had
Steve: I've just been doing a lot of thinking tonight, bro. :<
Jim: About what?
Steve: Life.
Jim: :<
by viceplaya February 22, 2010
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