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The paranormal board of 4chan, alternatively spelled /x. moderately popular, Usually filled with people who think they're vampires, some religious shitstorms, stale creepypasta, constant raids by 4 or 5 /b/tards who think It's awesome that they can spam on such a fast moving board(/sarcasm), and weeabo faggots who really believe a katana and their SUPER SAMURAI SKILLZ will keep hordes of zombies at bay for more than 10 seconds before they die of exhaustion, and more importantly, being ingested by said zombies. But never any mods AMIRITE?!?!

There are meme's made popular here, like WHO WAS PHONE or ZALGO or Lovecraftian works such as CTHULHU or bri/x/ shitting pictures or smile.jpg, and you should always check the image type before clicking, as it is a good habit to beware of opening a gif. Many refer to the board as /x-paranoia, for good reason. It should also be noted that z-day is any true /x/philes wet dream come true.

But occasionally there are some decent, interesting threads about reality/the universe/aliens/conspiracy/cryptozoology/metaphysics/zombies/(super)natural mysteries and/or fresh creepypasta will spring up to make you shit bri/x/. And it's ok when that happens, because you weren't planning on getting any sleep tonight anyway, right?
I just read a wikipedia article referenced by /x about russian hikers who died mysteriously and I have to ask...
Who the fuck was phone?!?!

/x/philes are more than certain that we are not alone on this planet, and there is most likely SOMETHING hiding in the ocean that would make any normal person move to the mountains.
by Uber Dudditz April 07, 2009
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4chan's paranormal board.
Ultimate source for the unexplainable
Anonymous: Hey /x/philers, check this out. You'll shit bri/x/
by Jay S April 01, 2007
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