Slang for Ugly Lesbian

*note* person does not have to be a confirmed lesbian to be called a tude!!!
"Ewww look at dat tude!"
"What a tude!"
by Spoon Dude & Evil Lam Sam October 03, 2006
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- Stupid
- Retarded
- Someone who doesn't know anything
-that guy is such a tudes
by andrew chislett October 13, 2005
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The premature meaning of an attitude. Kids/teens and even sometimes adults. An attitude that has not fully matured yet into a full blown "attitude".
"hey kid, sup with the tude?"
"because i don't give a shit"
by j513 April 11, 2014
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To get an attitude. to get angry and confrontational. To get sassy.
Yesterday i copped a tude with my gym teacher and i got a referral.
by Woosley March 06, 2005
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A combination of slacker and attitude, these often appear together in one emotional package
Even with her work unfinished, she still managed to give me plenty of slacker-tude at the end of the day
by Mafio Fiddler October 06, 2008
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Attitude that makes one live life on the edge.
She has YOLO-tude, and likes to live life like everyday is her last.
by YOLO-tude July 13, 2019
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Adding a little extra to a bid or estimate due to customer's shitty attitude, usually a little extra that they could've saved.
I was going to fix her watch for $25 but added a tude tax and charged her $32 because she was being a biotch.
by mondomoon28 July 14, 2013
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