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Adding a little extra to a bid or estimate due to customer's shitty attitude, usually a little extra that they could've saved.
I was going to fix her watch for $25 but added a tude tax and charged her $32 because she was being a biotch.
by mondomoon28 July 14, 2013

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Those people who bug the shit out of other people to sample their wares or services they offer as you walk by them, usually kiosk workers.
I act like i'm talking on my phone as I walk through the mall carnies so they don't hound me.
by mondomoon28 July 14, 2013

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When you take a shit (especially a messy ass shit) then realize you're out of toilet paper and have to make that walk to to get something to wipe your dirty ass with, that short walk that feels like a mile
I was outta tp and to do the brown mile to the kitch to get some napkins to save my ass
by mondomoon28 January 06, 2012

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A girl who you can tell spends way too long on her exterior appearance before she'll allow herself to go out in public, makes one almost afraid of what she might look like first thing in the morning.
Dude, she's hot, but definitely an overdun hun
,way too high maintenance for me
by mondomoon28 November 17, 2011

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When you're eating some corn chips, usually thin pointy ones, and while chewing you get stabbed usually in the roof of your mouth.
Oww! I just got fucken chip-shanked by these nachos! I think i'm bleeding!
by mondomoon28 October 31, 2011

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