means.... "no shit dick tracy... are you a loser not to know that"
one: madonna is a whore
two: yeah... "no guff".

by oneleggedracer April 4, 2006
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When something is a load of rubbish !
talking non-sense
dont give us yer guff : dont tok shite/rubbish
by hisstohat March 14, 2009
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A cloud of foul gas left hovering in the air after some bastard just farted.
Whilst shopping in the frozen meats section of the supermarket I walked into someone’s guff and nearly blew chunks on the cold meat display
by derek May 24, 2005
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giving someone problems
aka beef, shananigans,sass,shit
Dont you give me no guff slut or i'll slap yo eye straight
by DayDay December 18, 2003
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"general unspecified free food"

This is a cooperative term originated in the Ann Arbor Student Cooperatives, specifically in the Michigan House.

Though the term originated to refer to food, it is now expanded to anything that is available for use by anyone, for example, food, blankets, books, and penises.
Hey, are these cookies guff?

Yeah, I made them for everyone last night.
by gufflove September 15, 2010
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Over-inflated information, bordering on superfluous or wholly irrelevant.

Origins: Onomatopoeic word describing a fart that starts with a short, low musical note, followed by a more prolonged, muffled “fffffh”, usually achieved by sitting on office furniture.
"Never read the manual, it's usually just guff in twenty languages."
by Um Kazaar March 27, 2003
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Don't give me any of your guff.
by Sista from anotha Mista July 25, 2005
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