A racial slur against basic white bitches.
Ericka is such a foon with those uggs & pumpkin spice lattes.
by BBW4206666 September 12, 2018
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a fart and a moon together. in order to really be a true foon, you have to put your bare ass close to someones face and fart. it just great.
Before my sister woke up this morning, i snuck into her room and bare ass farted right in her face to wake her up. it was quite a foon! thats right, i fooned her good! then i got kicked in the nuts.
by Chocolate bardonkey September 16, 2008
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Fooning (verb) A person in a posed, stationary position that gives the impression the individual is running and caught in mid-stride, but looks fakey on purpose. Useful for taking pictures of the person posing in front of many different famous landmarks.
Jake got his camera ready and the three of us began fooning in front of the Mona Lisa.
by Foonmaster October 07, 2003
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A foon is a fool who is ignorant of his or her foolishness, and appears to be competent.

Similar to pedant, schmendrick, philosophe, and sophist.
When I first met the guy, I was impressed, but as I got to know him, I realized what an utter foon he was.
by Foon Victim February 18, 2004
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means the same as fork, a term used to confuse people when asking for a spork
also: what yopu call your spork if you're going to eat something liquid with it. (ie: use it's spoon-ish atributes rather than it's forkish ones)
"can you hand me a foon, please?"
"a what?!"
by MooingPlatypus November 14, 2004
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Foon is the name given to a person or animal, who looks slightly retarded and is somewhat clumsy, never graceful and down right funny to watch.
Taken from the cat, Foon, who started the trend.
Bang Clash Clang
"What was that?"
"Don't worry, it was just Foon"

"I just pulled a Foon"
by Spider Kitten November 23, 2007
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(combination of fool and goon)-An unnaturally tall, unintelligent, and uncoordinated person with a giant mutated tooth and a dirty mop of hair. Usually mows lawns (and does a crappy job).
The epitome of foon..... you know who you are
by Jeff Fatha June 03, 2005
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