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An employee who creates a significant amount of new business to a company. This term is often used in the context of a financial services company, such as a brokerage.
We need to hire a rainmaker to bring our business up from a slump of no sales.
by dan July 25, 2003
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1. Slight sins or offenses
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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1. a powerful and successful representative or agent who generates a lot of unexpected business, especially a law firm

2. a ball hit very high to the outfield or beyond the fence
They were once a rainmaker, but they are now bankrupt.
by The Return of Light Joker April 01, 2009
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A shot on the Wii Sport Tennis game where the ball is hit so hard, you can see the air being travelled behind it like a cloud.
Evan: "Whoa! Ha! Rainmaker hit by Anna!"
Austin: "Shut up, we're still beating you!"
by Anna Hedgehog June 11, 2008
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Usually a senior investment banker such as an MD who generates large sums of money by doing business with high profile clients. Synonyms include: Baller, Boss, King

Usually drives a Bentley and wears gold dollar cufflinks
Analyst 1: Yo dawg, what's your bonus?
Analyst 2: Man, I only got $60K

Analyst 1: Damn son, we bustin' out 100 hours for such a weak bonus!
Analyst 2: For real, man I heard those guys over in TMT got $90K thanks to the rainmaker
Analyst 1: Yeah dawg, Joe is such a boss.
by The_Original_Rainmaker January 11, 2010
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A woman who ejaculates during orgasm
I thought she peed on me, but she was just a rainmaker
by Peach November 27, 2004
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A person of such tremendous social influence they are able to set into motion the rippling effects of social and economic change directly through indirect means.

Commonly, these types employ their power through Machiavellian tactics and are regularly characterized by acute sociopathic tendencies.

Some examples of these types:
Political leaders -
Mafia Dons
Civil Servants
Prime Ministers
EU Commissioners
Members of International Banking Families -
CEOs, Directors, Chairmen, and Majority Shareholders of Major Corporations -
Dave Rothschild is a Rainmaker.
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo December 26, 2006
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