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zain is an Arabic word that means beautiful. It is a common name. Typically Zain is a name for males and Zainah is the female version.
His name is Zain. He's not necessarily effeminate because of it. It's a really good name. You should name your child Zain (or Zainah if its a girl)
by Zain February 01, 2005

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in arabic the name Mohib comes from the verb "uhib" and the root hubb meaning love. uhib means i like/i love as in "uhibek": i love you.

Mohib is one who loves or the loving or, LOVER.

This name fits my friend mohib well. He's a loving guy and moans in his sleep often, probably thinking about loving something. He also is pretty metro and seems to be always out to get some loving. He has professional headshots if you're interested.
I have slept with Mohib. When he moans in his sleep, its wory.
by Zain February 01, 2005

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Who was Zul-Qarnain?

Many Islamic thinkers and intellectuals consider that the said Zulqarnain mentined in Quran is the Greek conqueror Alexander The Great.

What is the meaning of the name Zul-qarnain?

According to Maulana Yousuf Ali—“Lord of the two Qarns (horn). And other meanings may be applicable as implying: (1) is a man or a great king; (2) Lord of East and West, Lord of wide territory or of two kingdoms;
Zulqarnain - one with two horns
by zain May 04, 2004

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What is the ethnic origin?

What does it mean?
Variant of Zane or John.

What's the gender (commonly)?

The number 7 in Hebrew is Zain, meaning sword, the letter associated with The Lovers. As such, 7 means choices, decisions, discrimination. 7 is a holy number. There are 7 days in the week and 7 Major Principles of Hermeticism. Seven is the combination of 3 and 4 and can represent unification and oneness.
\Zain\, n.
A horse of a dark color, neither gray nor white, and having
no spots. --Smart.
by zain May 04, 2004

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The sound Steve makes when going crazy
Zain : Ok Steve, take your pills.
by Zain April 21, 2005

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Stands for Check in/Check out. Usually describes a program's function.
We need a CICO program for this library.
by Zain September 02, 2004

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a small little nerd who hangs around cool guys like Zain and wants to be exactly like him
John : Hey look its Jayku
Bob : Ew why would you care about that guy
John : No! look! he's hanging out with Zain!
Bob : Oh sweet! Zain's so cool!
by Zain April 18, 2005

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