Amazing guy, you'll love him the very first second you get to know him very sweet funny impossible not to love him which is why i love him with all my heart
by rawrx69 March 29, 2009
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1. to be a light, crisp golden brown.
2. to be burnt
3. to be a guy who is cool
4. to be burnt
5. also known as a marshmellow
6. to be burnt
7. a doughnut store
8. to be burnt
1. my turkey was very chrispy right before I ate it
2. my smore got chrispy
3. my friend is so chrispy
4. I crispied my shoes on the fireworks
5. I made my smores with a chrispy
6. my eye-brows are chrispy
7. I went to chripy's yesterday
8. I crispified my homework
by Zain December 12, 2007
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Short badass leprachaun who comes up with some crazy drawings. Friends with Joe. Helped create the parking lot gang.
YOU: Sup Chrispy

CHRISPY: Nothin much man, hows it hangin

JOE: . . .
by samwise420 October 29, 2004
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