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A very cool person that everyone likes, and i mean everyone, he is superior in everything and no one hates him,because he is the best.
whoa, i wish i was as cool as Jayku.
by John-Michael April 13, 2005
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a small little nerd who hangs around cool guys like Zain and wants to be exactly like him
John : Hey look its Jayku
Bob : Ew why would you care about that guy
John : No! look! he's hanging out with Zain!
Bob : Oh sweet! Zain's so cool!
by Zain April 18, 2005
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A small candian boy who likes playing outdoors with royal mounties.
Did you see that guy behind those mounties? Oh em gee! That was a Jayku!
by WesMKK April 17, 2005
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