82 definition by your best idiot

1: Eating more than daily levels
2: Eating less than daily levels
1: Gluttony
2: Bulimia
that's Eating disorder fer u
by your best idiot April 17, 2010

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a circle with a cross, ya dumboes
if you put Ø over <object>, it means "No More <Object>" where <object> can mean anything
by your best idiot April 12, 2010

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the absolute worst t-shit company that tries to make PUNS jokes, the three things they are missing when they MAKE the shirts is: Beer, High IQ's, And a godamn sense of nowaday's humor
Iggy: Hey, dude, you got that Snorgtees shirt?
Dan: Ya, like it?
Dan: I like the humor!
Iggy: the humor... THE HUMOR!? you have NO fucking soul! you fuck!
Dan: Ya know what? i'll fucking change into a better shirt!
Iggy: Great idea!
by your best idiot April 24, 2010

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won't care for gay people... or straight people for that matter
Girl: Hey! get down from from there! i know gay marriage is wrong and all that, but if they want to get it done, let them.
Crowd: Awww,
Guy: >=( feminist bitch!
Crowd: what???
by your best idiot March 14, 2010

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a man-hating asshole bitch who's main duty is to degrade men and tell the world that men are responsible for everything bad in the world.
Biblish: May God bless thou who killeth thy Feminazi
English: God Bless those who shitkicks those fucking Feminazis
by your best idiot April 06, 2010

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