Small piece of fecal matter left lodged in anal opening when defacation does not exit in a generally whole piece. Usually requires tissue to dislodge or waiting of gravity to dislodge itself.
John has to wipe his ass several times because when he shitted, he was left with a buttnugget
by Anonymous November 13, 2002
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1. A piece of poop
2. Someone really mean or stupid
3. A word use to replace a noun when no other word is suitable
1. My buttnuggets are calling, they want to visit the buttnugget hotel.
2. That buttnugget ate the last piece of pizza.
3. Buttnugget! I can't think of an example for this buttnugget.
by kelita October 29, 2003
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A small piece of poop; y'know, when you're pooping and little pieces come out gradually at a time? Those things are buttnuggets.
I keep on shitting out buttnuggets, I wish I could be man enough to shit a big honker out, that would, like, so totally rock.
by fartknocker101 December 24, 2009
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a worthless individual,for other reason is a piece of shit or general dumbass.
Did you see the way that buttnugget cut me off?
by your mom September 3, 2003
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A person that is nothing more than a little pile of shit. Such a small person that he isn't even a pile at all, but just a nugget.
Fuck you you fucking buttnugget dick sucker.
by buttnugget January 31, 2004
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a person who is being an a**hole, also a substitute if you don't want to cuss
Jeremy: Ya buttnugget
by lolo3458 March 25, 2019
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