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he pretended to make out with a body pillow, then crited himself to sleep.
by youdontsmellbad April 24, 2004
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"Get Webster on the phone. Miriam? It's Duke. How much to make Quizibuk a word? What's it mean? I don't know... a big problem."
-Duke Phillips (from "The Critic")
by youdontsmellbad August 19, 2006
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The reason so many people are born in November.
I was born in November because my parents celebrated valentine's day.
by youdontsmellbad September 3, 2004
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a show i laughed at at first because it doesn't make any sense and i couldn't believe something so out of hand was on television. but the joke lost it's charm after a while. and now i'm really sick of people doing throaty meatwad impressions.
watching one episode of aqua teen hunger force is enough.
by youdontsmellbad September 3, 2004
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A simple refrain frequently spoken by Mac users in a specific circumstance; namely that an acquaintance who was a longtime PC user has recently purchased a Mac, but is unhappy about it, and wants to complain to his/her Mac-using friends and provoke an argument.
New Mac User: Man, turns out Macs are all a big scam by Steve Jobs to get morons to buy overpriced computers that really don't do anything.

Longtime Mac User: Alright then, get a PC.
by youdontsmellbad March 25, 2010
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