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if you know someone who’s born on this day you have been cursed. this person is loved by everyone even if their a total bitch. when you get close to this person you see their soft and sweet side. you will love this person instantly. they tend to be literal crackheads. this person will say the rudest shit to you when you guys are close but never let anyone else say anything mean. hold on to this person, they may be a bitch but no matter what you’ll love them and they’ll love you.
“you were born on January first? Wow i love you already.”
by finnswoter October 19, 2019
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January first is a special day to be born. This day isn't only new years but if you were born on this day you are perfect. January first is Perfectionist Day! Stay calm, and be perfect💕🤞🏻
"Today is January first, i need to be perfect today" ~He said.
by January first November 11, 2019
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If your born january first you kinda suck cause you gone have 100 kids and infinity time in jail you are kinda good in bed tho
"Happy Birthday to me!"
Dude its january first
Thats why your in jail
by flip_flopin_Maniacc March 13, 2020
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