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A high school located in New Rochelle, New York. This high school holds over 4,000 students and attracts some kids from the Bronx. "The high" brings Albert Leonard and the Issac Young Middle schools together as one. At this school it is very easy to succeed, if you stay above the influence. But there are a few dumbasses who decide to not care. People cut class to go to the McDonalds and Chicken Joe's.

NRHS has succesful sports teams. The football team is very good. The basketball is decent. Softball, soccer, and tenis teams are also good. However, the swim teams suck ass. The boy's team is basically ran by this one black kid who beats everyone.

At NRHS, the females usually have big behinds and smell nice. It's a common sight to see a guy going: "Look at that BOOTIE". At Freshman Friday, Freshman are thrown into the twin lakes while the upperclassmen laugh. NRHS is divirse with blacks, whites, hispanics, asians, indians, and even a few martians.
Ex. New Rochelle High School's swim team sucks compared to the great football team! That kid David is nice though.

-Yo Rob, We out to the high?

-Look at that DONK on the newslady's daughter.
by bigdaddydyyy September 08, 2011
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New Rochelle high school may look like it’s a good but step inside all your gonna see is vapes, pens, carts and weed everything it’s gotten to the point where students smoke on the field while security watch . We can have a brawl and not get caught . Don’t go to the bathroom if you hate the smell of weed because there’s always one or two people in there smoking . Then you have the problem of house 4 teachers getting mad when your late but they know it takes 6 min and 27 seconds to get there . After scanning your I’d 10 times your now in the lunchroom . You will see your Hispanics , blacks , and whites but then your gonna see your pot heads then you Juul heads then finally the nicotine crackheads . Nrhs is know for thots and treeshes who suck dick at the lakes and admitt it . Lastly the feds is out there 24/7 yet nobody gets cause doing anything till you get to mc dicks .
Bro did you hear Sarah sucked dick at the lakes in New Rochelle high school
by Kills September 28, 2019
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