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1. A mound of sand, usually found in a desert setting or near a beach.

2. The best science fiction novel ever written (by Frank Herbert). First published in 1965, and later made into a questionably decent film by director David Lynch.
1. The dunes shifted with the winds.

2. Arrakis, also known as Dune.
by Brainiac January 08, 2005
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Best Sci-Fi book series ever.

The SciFi Channel mini series' were better than the Lynch movie, but still nothing in comparison to the books.
Dune pwns you.
by Letoishot September 04, 2003
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An extremely sexy beast who likes to be promiscuos with many women at the same time. Except when he has a girlfriend. Often likes to run around the place naked, screaming "KEEP OFF THE DUNES!!!"
Is often 18 years old, but when he is not he is 19 or older.
Likes vaginas in his penis
OMG its the DUNES!!!!!
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To dune is an non-alcoholic activity mostly consisting of postponing all of your worktasks and canceling your appointments in favor of playing videogames, watching porn, laying on the couch and stalking hoes on facebook.

To dune is the opposite of to beef.
What did you do last weekend? - I were mostly playing fifa 11. - OK, so you just duned...

Ah, I'm not quite sure... I mean, this box social sounds rad but i think I'll just stay home to dune.
by augern October 26, 2010
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an extremely trippy movie to watch while stoned. way better than the mini-series.
we blazed at max's house and he turned on dune.
by bokonon March 20, 2005
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The process of taking a dump. Poop.

First widespread usage in the movie 'Return of the Forest Monster, The.'
Light a match. I don't want to sit around in your dune-stink all day.
by travis gordon June 29, 2004
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Pronounced: Doon
Someone who annoys you on the beach.
Can also be someone who spends too long at the beach.
"That jerk just flicked sand at me! What a dune."
"Holy shit! Check out old leather-back over there! What a sandflicking dune!"
by Woofington Von Barkshire December 12, 2016
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