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The forlorn hope were the first company of soldiers to go through the hole blown in the walls of a fortress by the siege guns. Their survival was doubtful, and to lead one and live brought reputation.
Alright ye forlorn hope, once more unto the breach.
by wright May 15, 2005
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To fuck leisurely, slowly and deeply for an :) extended period of time.
Man, they really hosed you on that job. I think were really going to take a hosin on this new contract. What does that hoser think he is doin?
by wright May 15, 2005
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Hey that landlord is hosin us on the rent. The team really got hosed last night
by wright May 15, 2005
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An expression of sadness. It means "Lord oh Lord".
Man we got our asses kicked again."lol"
by wright May 14, 2005
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a fuck up who can never do anything right he knows he fucks up all the time and knows everyone tells him that he does too
by wright February 22, 2017
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Where you go when you get really stoned.
That altered state of conciousness between awake and asleep where you think of nothing specific and everything in general.
I cant do it now man, I'm really in the ozone.
Did you hear that guy? He's in the ozone.
by wright May 21, 2005
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The ionized atmosphere produced by welding. It has a distinctive metallic taste.
With 5 welders going inside a shop you will require ventillation to evacuate the ozone.
by wright May 21, 2005
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