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A socially weird and unusual public display, like Elaine's dance in the TV show Seinfeld (eason eight, episode 138). The subject performing an Elaine dance remainsoblivious.
He started tweaking his nipples while he spoke to a gym full of teenagers. It was so Elaine dance I thought I'd die.
by wordguy2 June 07, 2010

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Real-world reality, as opposed to TV or movie reality.
What he did with that car was not movie real, man. It was real real -- through the fence, over the approach and into a barn. No shit. And he walked away.
by wordguy2 April 12, 2010

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The paved portion of a racetrack on the extreme inside. Analogous to a highway shoulder, the apron often flattens out considerably -- a marked transition from the banking of the actual racing grooves. Daring or desperate drivers sometimes use the apron to pass, or to compensate for a tight condition in their racecars and get them to turn. However, the abrupt transition of the apron can also snap a car loose and force a spin.
Dale Earnhardt, Jr., has spun coming out of turn four. A tire might have gone down, or else he went so low onto the apron, he snapped loose.
by wordguy2 April 27, 2010

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The action of a racecar hitting the wall, usually with the rear half of its body. This normally happens when the car is fighting a looseor oversteer condition while exiting a corner.
Dale Earnhardt, Jr., was tight going into 3, but he was loose coming off. So loose, in fact, that he slapped the wall.
by wordguy2 March 16, 2010

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An auto racing pit stop for refueling but not changing tires. Often occurs near the end of the race and under green flag conditions, when limiting time in the pits is deemed more important than fresh rubber. This pit strategy is also used to gain positions under yellow flag conditions, when other cars are taking tires. Considered a risky move at those tracks that wear tires quickly. Not changing tires can add seconds a lap to a car's times.
Dale Earnhardt, Jr., does not have a enough Sunoco fuel to make it to the end of the race. He will be coming into the pits in three laps for a gas-and-go, says crew chief Lance McGrew.
by wordguy2 May 12, 2010

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The mental traffic jam that arises out of worry. A dreaded future event -- report deadline, court appearance, meeting with boss -- is played over and over again in the brain, locking out other, more productive thoughts and often resulting in insomnia and excessive alcohol consumption.
I've been in dreadlock over today's presentation. Are you sure we're ready?
by wordguy2 March 21, 2010

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