The best rap song ever; A rap song by Sir Mix-A-Lot about how he likes to have sex with women who have giant asses.
Baby got back won a grammy, how cool is that?!
by WillWill45 March 29, 2013
A song that, when played at a club, party, or anywhere else, is effectively like blowing a dog whistle. Only instead of dogs, it immediately draws every fat girl directly to the dance floor to shake their fat-asses around, believing that the song is giving them permission to do so, and that everyone somehow wants to see it.
When I heard the opening lyrics to "Baby Got Back" being played, I rushed away from the dance floor to avoid the inevitable rush of fatties and the resulting nausea that would be induced in most guys as the cows blissfully shook their asses around.
by Klopek007 July 10, 2006
Baby Got Back is featured in an episode of the sitcom friends.
by Herixide September 8, 2020
Damn!! That babys got back!!
by Mrs Buttersworth December 3, 2015
1. damn homie dat gilr got back

2. u see dat gurl frum da " wanksta " viedo?, dam that baby got back.

2. baby got back, i wanna hit dat shit
by cant say~~~~ April 8, 2003
A girl with an ass that sticks out in a specific matter, usually the girl contains an ass like a semicircle sticking out from the side. Most appealing when the girl has a slim waist, and definitely MY KIND OF GIRL.
Shit mang, call 1-800 Sir Mix-a-Lot cause Baby got Back! I'd tap that ass
by Poip June 1, 2006