55 definition by wise man

Teenage rude boys who wear burbury caps at such a steep angle the peak is vertical. They usually hang around in large packs. Other notable attributes include cigarette behind the ear, greasy hair, his mums jewellery, an earing, a sky blue hooded top and a 25cc moped.
Look at that bunch of burbury pricks, bet they're not so brave when they aren't 'hangin' with 40 of their 'bruvvas'
by Wise Man October 02, 2003

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See waster, basically an estate ageny term for a person who just likes to look at houses to be nosy, with no intention to buy.
That person is just a carpet treader.
by Wise Man July 14, 2003

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Aww my guts are killin me, i think i've gotta take a Ja Rule
by Wise Man November 20, 2003

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An amusing term i heard a radio dj use to refer to someone with a 'gas problem'
Since you started your spinach and lemonade diet you've become a real pumpy trousers
by Wise Man November 13, 2003

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Another term for explosive diarreah. See also Chocolate slug and ja rule
I'm not well at all, i sat on the pot this morning and i had the raging squits
by Wise Man November 13, 2003

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The feeling of exhaustion you get when you have avoided so many peoples calls/enquiries at work.
I gave so many people the swerve today, i'm knackered.
by Wise Man November 05, 2003

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Baby Gravy, semen, sperm, spunk etc etc
Hair need taming Mary? Here, rub this and have some of my gentlemans gel :D
by Wise Man July 11, 2003

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