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a person who when not even smoking pot still shows affects that he has, and will in the next 24 hours.
damn look at that pothead. His eyes are almost closed shut.
by wicked March 28, 2004

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#1. The Anti-Harry (Potter), Potter's Arch-nemisis, enemy, rival.
Unless you consider that the position of Voldemort,
Draco is only the blonde rich brat who is jealous of Harry and tries to get him expelled from school.
Unless you don't want a canon definition,
He is a gorgeous, sexy, blond, evil, slytherin sex god who may or may not be Harry Potter's secret lover. This is by far my favorite.
"(Draco Malfoy) who at the present time had an arm around both Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini, and who was smiling as if he'd just discovered Original Sin and was having great fun with it."
—Draco Malfoy the Amazing Bouncing Rat
by Wicked April 08, 2004

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Italian word for black person. Literal meaning is burnt.
" So lets get this straight, your'e ditsoon, charcial briquette,a mulignan
by wicked August 15, 2003

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n. stupid fuck
Ima kick yo monkey ass.
by WICKED April 29, 2003

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Italian word which can mean stupid person, also a sign of affection. Literal meaning: the vegetable squash.
by wicked August 15, 2003

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A very special person.... hes awesome
better than you
by wicked December 04, 2003

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omfg fkin sexc as -
OoOoh! look at the WicKeD Guy!! omfg, Hes sooOoo SeXC!!
by WicKeD October 23, 2003

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