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An orange flavored soft drink bottled and sold in Barbados.

Public bus transport in Barbados called that because they have (or used to have) a Ju-C advertisement placard on the front of the bus. The Ju-C sign really grabs your attention because the buses are huge and they come right at you on very narrow roads.
Shite man. Though the weather was mainly fair, the Ju-C smashed me cyar just past Speightstown.
by Wheaty July 07, 2005

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Obese person of riduculous girth. Not gender specific.

Also giant pork osaurous - for the really big ones.
There was a herd of giant pork osaurous grazing at the all you can eat buffet.
by wheaty May 28, 2005

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To masterbate (male).

Originated from ZAP comics in the 1970's
Johnny being 15 had to wap his pork 3-4 times a day to reduce the white count.
by wheaty May 28, 2005

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A guy who's a little too much in touch with his fem side. Walks with a sashey and holds his left wrist to his upper chest while gliding forward with his right. Understands house plants and window dressings.
The poodle boy walked thru the mall like he was on the cat walk.
by wheaty May 28, 2005

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Better way to say nasty. Implies something with a high gag-o-magnifier quotient.

Also 'nastorious to the asorious' which is as bad as it gets.
Uh, that eyeball-intensive seafood is nastorious!
by wheaty June 02, 2005

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To make a mess of. To bollocks it up. To unintentionally screw something up - but do it on a grand scale.
She was trying to decorate the cake, but mangalized it beyond repair.
by wheaty August 05, 2005

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Hawaiian slang for a local person of Japanese ancestry. Not considered derogitory. Being termed Buddah head by locals implies acceptance. See Katonk) for Hawaiian slang for mainlander Japanese Americans/Canadians.
See da brudda with the slippers and no shirt? He's not Japanese, he's a buddah head.
by Wheaty June 22, 2005

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