Of or relating to the ear or to the sense of hearing
by wesa23519 September 3, 2011
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The act of inserting ones penis into the ear of their partner.
Similar to oral, but in the ear, not the mouth.
Person 1 - "Hey man, did you have aural last night??"
Person 2 - "Yeah... how can you tell?"
Person 1 - "The penis is still there."
by OneInchJustice November 24, 2013
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Auralism is a sexual fetish defined as sexual arousal or excitment caused by sound, to be compared with voyeurism. This sound might be music, a voice, the actual sounds of sex itself, or other sounds, and may include enjoyment from listening to others having sex. As with most fetishes, in some cases it is simply a small additional turn-on, and in others it is a requirement to sexual gratification.
Since the sound of her lover's voice in her ear made her groan with pleasure and get weak in the knees, he defined the word auralism just to describe her fetish, which until then, didn't seem to have a name.
by Gary Heathen April 11, 2008
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Very cute slim thick girl, extremely sexy named mya, can get dicked down multiple times, just really attractive.
Damn krabby you see that ass on Aurallis?
Yeah bro that's insane holy.
by Awesomenesskj August 12, 2020
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Of or relating to hearing.
his voice really appealed to my aural sense.
by Felic January 5, 2009
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A fake term someone made up in 2008 to describe a variety of sexual fetishes, preferences and kinks including melolagnia (arousal from music), acousticophilia (fetish for various sounds) and ecouteurism (eavesdropping on people for sexual pleasure).
"I'm aroused by music. I have auralism."
"No mate, you have melolagnia."

"I'm sexually aroused by auditory stimulus, including music, songs, poetry, speaking in a particular foreign language, screaming, panting, moaning, groaning, and heavy breathing. I have auralism"

"No mate. You are an acousticophiliac"

"I get off on eavesdropping on people having sex without them knowing. I have auralism."
"No mate. You're describing ecouteurism"
by dapperchapper July 21, 2017
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