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v: The art of jacking off into a used sweat sock; usually used by dorm guys, teenage males, single guys and husbands - so, pretty much 'every' guy.
Cleanups are a breeze when you use jack-in-the-socks!
by warmbrother May 24, 2015
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adj: When one is so horny (or drunk) that everyone, regardless of gender, looks fuckable.
"Wow! Last night, after that fourth shot of tequila, I was trolling around town and suffered a complete case of sexual disorientation! I don't even know who those people were in my bed this morning ... I need a shot! Brutal man!"
by warmbrother October 2, 2014
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n: The absolute smallest square footage that a developer can build a condominium unit without it being legally considered to be a pet carrier.
Bruce: "Hey Rob! I just bought a new 400 square foot condominimum!"

Rob: "For your cat?"

Bruce: "No! For me and my cat! It's really cool man! I can stand on the foot of my bed and piss into the kitchen sink!"
by warmbrother October 2, 2014
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Famous Last Words by world renowned personalities, quoted by famous world scholars.
Some examples of famous last words:

"I need this parade like I need a fucking hole in my head!" - JFK to Jackie just before his assassination.

"What the FUCK was that?!?" - The Mayor of Hiroshima as the A-Bomb was detonated.
by warmbrother May 27, 2014
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John: "I was on a British Airways flight and the Sky Waitress brought me extra cookies!"

Britney: "Wow! That was really thoughtful!"

John: "Well, ya, considering that we were in a free fall from 30,000 feet."
by warmbrother October 9, 2014
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The annoying and all too prolific children of douche bags.
Friend 1: "Jesus, I wish that kid would sit down and shut the fuck up so that we can enjoy our brunch."

Friend 2: "Yeah, his mother is on her phone just ignoring him."

Friend 1: "What a little douche baguette!"

Friend 2: "Excuse me!? Do you have any Grey Poupon??"
by warmbrother May 2, 2018
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n: an oxymoron, so glaring, that it gives you a headache.
Cloret: "Isn't 'first class' to 'Cleveland' an Oxymotrin?

Countess Vaughn: "I believe the word is Oxymoron."

Cloret: "I ain't no moron! You're the one who's paying $4000 for a hot washcloth and Kangaroo Jack."
by warmbrother October 9, 2014
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