The words someone says before they die
Bill: “Son, I will tell you my last words before I die-“
Billy: “What Dad?”
Bill: “Tell my- tell my- tell my- tell my- tell my P. O. I said fuck ‘em Bitch, I’m fresh off of papers STL only got the Blues, so I fuck with the lakers.”
by Lil big 4x January 24, 2020
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A term Roblox Barbies use to shut people up or to express shock to traumatising content such as the perverse family haunted house.

It started as a image of people holding a sign saying 'last day of chemo' but with 'day of chemo' removed and replaced with 'word'.

the phrase is used against preppies and locals and the emoticon ';-;' is used ironically to relate back to the early 2010s and late 2000s where most their personality comes from.
Local(wearing sapphire gaze): you look like a local (slur) (slur) (slur)
Barbie: umm.. last word ;-;
Local: *gets mad and tries to flame you*

-shows twitterlink/video of perverse family haunted house-
Barbie: umm.. last word ;-;
by RobloxBarbieDictionary March 24, 2023
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The last word in a discussion or argument is when two parties are competing to be the one to speak last. Last word is only won by the way it is started. If originated in person it can only be won in person, if originated over a verbal phone call then it can only be won over a verbal phone call. If originated in a text message it can only be won in a text message.
by Magestic moonlight December 30, 2016
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What you tell someone before killing them.
Hitman: Here we are. Any last words?
Hostage: Yeah, go to hell.
by bitstripslang September 30, 2018
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A compelling need to be the last person to speak during an argument or conversation; finishing an argument with a response of immaturity typically consisting of either repeating the last thing you said over and over until the other person stops talking, making whiny/baby noises, or childish name-calling.
Person 1: You're such a tool.

Person 2: I'm not a tool. I work because I have goals for myself and I don't mind working hard to achieve them.

Person 1: You're a tool.

Person 2: You just said that.

Person 1: You're a tool.

Person 2: Think you've got some last word syndrome, buddy, later.

Person 1: *Shouting after you* Whaa, why don't you cry about it?
by rhastings88 November 10, 2013
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A Last Word Troll is a person in an online forum (typically political but not limited) who claims a desire to end engagement with one or more people who are posting, but in their parting post they attempt to make a further point and/or hurl insults, condescension, etc. at others that warrant a response- to which the Last Word Troll always counter posts. This may go back and forth a bit(between 5 minutes and 5 days) with the Last Word Troll becoming increasingly agitated and insulting to others, yet continuing to respond when he/she is called out. The only way to stop a Last Word Troll is to post “I think you are a Last Word Troll; let’s see if I am correct”
Last word trolls are a bane to online forums
by Elmoore October 7, 2018
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