an uncontrolled decrease or decline
With seemingly every situation around the world in free fall, people seem to be in lowers spirits than ever.
by The Return of Light Joker January 7, 2010
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The female equivalent of free balling aka not wearing a bra.
"I forgot to pack my bra so today I'm free falling."
by L Love January 1, 2006
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The effect of smoking a bowl of opium and cocaine. Frequently, opiated hashish is used in place of dried opium resin (lump or powdered), due to availability, and cocaine base is preferred over any of its salts. Free falling is much mellower than shooting a speedball.
Jules: (Speaking in slow motion:) Wwowww ... Duuude, I was free falling for, like, almost forever, until I totally went away and zoned out. Load another bowl of that shit.
Vincent: We didn't finish the first one. You're such a lightweight, you'd have slept through Amsterdam!
by insidiot October 27, 2018
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When you first are surprised that one you love deeply is leaving forever, it feels like your body stayed on the plane but feel your guts in free fall!
When l found out Rosalind was leaving, l felt my guts in free fall!
by I, Wreckerrr July 25, 2021
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I was looking down a girl's shirt from a balcony. I leaned over the rail, fell off, and performed a free fall release. It was the greatest moment of my life.
by -Tim- April 3, 2006
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1. (verb) having sex in a simulated-skydiving vertical wind tunnel.
2. (noun) the act of having sex in a simulated-skydiving vertical wind tunnel.
2. (adj.) used as part of a description for a fun experience or especially provocative sexual experience that can be compared to having sex in a vertical wind tunnel.
1. 'I took Jennie to my personal vertical wind tunnel, but my dog walked in on us Free Fall Fucking before we finished.'
2. 'That roller coaster almost compares to my Free Fall Fuck.'
3. 'This is so Free Fall Fucking amazing!'
by Patrick McGiantGroin October 6, 2008
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