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Don't you know/you know/indeed

Has roots in Chaucer's middle english
by vincentenial December 3, 2004
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A novice who pathologically lies regarding their novice tendencies. ie one who denies the fact of their novice-hood
"Haha your a novice Meyrick"

"I am not" (cries and leaves the room)
by vincentenial November 30, 2004
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General insult coined by Jack, who is lazy.
Despite featuring the plural of Wales actually has little to do with the country.
"Stop being welsh"

"That guys being so welsh, i wish someone would throw a stone at him or something"
by vincentenial December 8, 2004
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To avoid answering the question asked

To reply a question in a manner which does not provide any clarity as to the answer of the question asked

Hence, to provide an answerve to a question
"So,what grade do you think my work will get?"
"Many people in the class are heading for the top band of grades"
"But what grade might mine get?"
"We need to look at the bigger picture here"
by vincentenial December 3, 2004
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The act of writing gauranga on motorway bridges, generally to the perplexion of others.
"Hey dude you coming to the Y bar tonight??"
"No i'm off gaurangaing"
"Where at?"
"M1, junction 32"
"Have fun"
by vincentenial December 24, 2004
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A cheap knockoff for trays, generally purchsed by those schools/hospitals which are short on funding

Tays, unlike trays, are made almost entirely of wet cardboard, and therefore assist little in the proccess of culinary transportation
"Why you got all that food on you shirt man?"
"My tay split"
"fo shizzle man, mine did that today too!"
by vincentenial December 6, 2004
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Answer to the question "If this is an ear wank, and this is a mouth wank, then whats this?" asked to scared first years by bored 5th years in secondary schools throughout the country.
When the first years reach "that age" they realise that they do indeed wank.
"Eye wank?"
"Ahhhahahahahahaaaaaaaa, YOU WANK!!!!!!"
by vincentenial November 26, 2004
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