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Ayla is just one of those girls.. one of those girls who can make you laugh (even when you shouldn't), dance (even when you can't), be a little crazy (even when you're the shyest person in the world) and in all reality, just bring out the best in people.
Ayla... that's what I'm talking about!
by Vicky September 04, 2004

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Slang for Michael Jackson, created by the childish media.
Wacko Jacko has done it again.
by Vicky February 07, 2004

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A single female that has a gay, male best friend. Source: Will and Grace
Hag number 23 you are gonna have to control your homo.
by Vicky November 15, 2004

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To kid, or joke.
Hey, I'm just playing.
by Vicky June 07, 2004

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when u do summet really good/cool
look at dat boy, he smashed it
by vicky March 19, 2005

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Yala, better spelt "yalla" is an Arabic word which means "come on" or urges people to hurry up.
Yalla, let's all get back to work.
Yalla, answer me....
by Vicky March 20, 2005

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Howler is often recognized as a magical item from the Harry Potter series, when in fact that is not all it is. In British slang, a 'Howler' is a boner. JK Rowling sure got all us Americans, didn't she?
"Oy, Fred, you better get to the bathroom and take care of that howler!"
by Vicky February 17, 2005

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