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My Uber-sexy love bot that lurks on irc.PaintballChat.net
* Markhoff rapes pinball in his tight little boy asshole.
by vicky April 3, 2004
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neesha is a girl who has MORALS. she likes to have FRIZZZZEEEE hair. anyone who questions the frizz will be shot. this includes you sarah.
"oh my god what the hell is that on your head???" (sarah)
"my frizz you bitch. you must now die".
by vicky November 27, 2003
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Something that belongs to you.
Hey is that the blue pen that was on the desk ? Yeah . Oh that's mine.
by vicky October 6, 2016
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when you just don't care what the hell some one is saying.
Deminstrate this by knocking on an object twice and saying knock knock.
" Knock, Knock"
" Whos there?"
" I don't care"
by vicky March 6, 2005
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basically, pounk is the expulsion of intestinal gases through the anus (ie. a fart)
Ben really tried hard to hold his pounk in class today. You smell like pounk.
by vicky December 3, 2003
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A Man who likes to party a lot.
"Hi i'm here in Japan and i feel like partying."
by vicky November 24, 2003
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