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Freezing ones balls off
It's baltic out here
by Vex November 04, 2003

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a disabilitating disease inflicted upon a mans purple headed warrior, often carried by ugly fat tarts, and transmitted during sexual acts.

Warning alcohol can make tarts look attractive.
Your in the jungle, a trooper is down, gangrenes setting in, "Who's used all the penicillin?" "Oh mark pattson sir, he's got knob rot of some tart"
by Vex August 29, 2003

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A word that can be used instead of punctuation in a sentence. Such as: fullstops, comas, semicolans, question marks, exclamation marks, etc etc. Can also be used to replace most grammer in sentences, such as nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, etc etc.
Bhainchod that bhainchod doesn't bhainchod listen to a bhainchod word I say bahinchod
by vex December 01, 2003

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Noisy power tool with moving cerrated metal blade designed for ease of chopping down trees and other such tasks. A lot cooler than knives, at any rate, and make great murder weapons.
Somebody beheaded me with a rusty chainsaw
by Vex December 20, 2004

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Actually created by Vex, but used often by Audiovoid.
"Columnbined bitch!1" or "You just got columbined newb."
by Vex February 10, 2005

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(To do a ~) To do or say something creative that does not get all the credit it deserves.
"I don't want to do a Hystrix again."
by Vex December 20, 2004

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The phrase that you say when referring to work in a non-ironic way. On completion of said phrase, the speaker (and possibly those within earshot) immediately cease to listen and concentrate on what the phrase itself means. This process generally includes context abuse, giggling, and later, regret.

"I'm sort of a bridge shift between liasons."
by vex June 18, 2006

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