For people who get legend tattooed on them and get it spelled wrong. so they try to justify it with a BS word.
ledgend isn't a real word. !
by amae June 21, 2012
Ledgend is a word used to describe somone who is great or deadly all round.
"Aaron you are such a ledgend at sprinting"
by dsd April 10, 2005
Ffion when she agrees to go out with Callum on his last day
by MrPnky October 16, 2017
adjective describing one who is a flirt. from the verb to "mac", meaning flirt, or hit on. a "mac ledgend" is someone who is constantly maccin' or flirting, they are very good at maccin', or frilting. these ppl are usualy more popular, and sometimes get labled as a manwhore, or hoe, even tho thera aren't they just like to flirt
nerd 1- man! how does that big meat head get all those girls?

nerd 2- face it, he's a "mac ledgend"
by G riszzel April 16, 2009
When you have spent the past few days getting your Ledger to work and now every time you type "legend" it comes out as "ledgend".
Kymberley: "Thanks Evo for helping me get my hardware wallet setup, you are a deadset ledgend."
by tatts_DDS April 12, 2022