Is someone who is a stud and is dope as hell and can bring out the ugly laugh in just about anyone he wants, short but not that short sexy as hell, smooth, smart, lazy but gets shit done and a personality not forgettable
There goes that dude Adair go shake em up
by Wryds January 30, 2020
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Is a boy that is good at fortnite black hair, Mexican and Mixed skin color and smart but dumb sometimes
Adair is really good at games
by Dbbdbxbd May 16, 2018
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Adair is an absolutely Gorgeous Girl, and If you have an Adair in your life consider yourself extremely Lucky. Adair is a wonderful friend, and she is generally very athletic. She has her sholderlength brown hair down, and never up, and she loves Anime and Gay ships. She can usually be found cosplaying as Lance from Voltron or rejecting my love in the nicest way possible. I doubt she will ever read this sooooo.... She's obsessed with Septiplier and has the most beautiful brown eyes you'll ever see. It's like someone took chocolate and mixed it with outer space. They sparkle like they want you to look at them but they don't realize how beautiful they are. That's adairs whole demeanor. She's the.most beautiful creature alive, and I would give anything for her to love me back. I love you Adair ❤️
I love you Adair!

Nate: bruh why u like Adair so damn much.


What kind of fcking question is that idiot. She's the greatest human being aliv-
by Psychotic Lover May 13, 2019
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A fit girl with her brown hair always in a ponytail. She has brown eyes that are always looking for an adventure. She is extremely athletic and plays many sports. She is also a great debater, which stems from her ability to persuade even the toughest crowd. She is said to have a natural beauty, but she doesn't believe it. She's not into the mushy romance, but secretly pines for a relationship similar to Darcy and Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice. On the outside, however, she ignores boys romantically and doesn't go out of her way to like one, even though she has more male friends than female friends. She isn't afraid to get dirty or muddy, in fact, she loves it. She often speaks of Indiana Jones as being her inspiration and role model. Despite her dominate tomboy qualities, she does have a feminine side. She has a soft spot for kittens and puppies, and can sometimes be seen watching Say Yes to the Dress or looking at wedding dress pictures. She has strong morals and has vowed to never make the mistakes that other people make, such as cheating in a relationship or bullying someone.
The winner of the race is such an Adair.

Elodie: "I hate sharks, they bite people and are scary. I'm always happy when fishers catch and kill a shark."
Adair: "Sharks bite people because people go out on their surfboards and look like seals and the sharks mistaken them for one. Sharks are animals just like dogs or cats, animals that also have been known to bite, and deserve the same treatment as them. Killing them solely out of fear is animal cruelty in my opinion."

That Adair is such a trophy to win! I want to be the first guy she is willing to go on a date with.
by TrinityJade June 08, 2013
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Amazing Irish village. Somewhere in the mountains of peru.
lets go hiking to the adair village.
by mamma mia12 September 01, 2008
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A word used to close off a thought when you would like to end the sentence but do not want to waste anymore time trying to figure out what word you wanted to use to complete your thought.
Take the beers outside and put them inside the uh..., um.... "adair"
by Jalucard July 17, 2017
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To go against one's moral code knowingly.
I knew it was wrong to cheat on the test but I had to adair in order to get an A.
by ItsADare November 04, 2013
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