possibly the tastiest shit you'll ever have
Holy fuck, did you try that stale bread? It's fucking delicious!
Stale bread is disgusting, it's dry and chewy
You've probably never had stale bread before, you uncultured monkey
by stale bread consumer November 19, 2019
People who lack the capability to express themselves; who have the emotional range of a piece of celery. They are often dry and don't say much. They may socialize but while they do they look as if they left their brain at home; they are impassive. They will definitely leave you on read. When they do show emotions it's like rain after a drought, refreshing and much needed.
Do you know David? He's such a stale bread man, he never smiles.
by N. Mani May 29, 2019
your only meal once a month
mum: here darling here’s your roast dinner
you: what about me mum?
mum: i suppose we can give you some stale bread
by Katie yEeYeE December 3, 2019